10 Meter Contest Strategy

1) General
 a) Great band to run, even with small stations
   b) If low power, run high in band (above 28075). Thereís plenty of room on 10!
   c) Search and Pounce - donít forget to look way up (28200+) during sunspot peaks
   d) When open to EU, work EU only. Donít waste time on Caribb/SA that will be begging when band dead to EU

2) Years with sunspots
 a) Europe Europe!
   i) Hours ~1230-1700
   ii) This is your rate band! Stay till it closes, then go to 15 meters
 b) Africa
   i) Any time!
 c) Caribb/SAa
   i) ~1800-2000
 d) Pacific/JA
   i) ~2300
   ii) unless big gun or multi, just work for mults. You should be on another band for better QSO rate

3) No sunspot years :(
 a) N.B. Check band (or packet) often for openings. It may only open to Europe/JA for a few minutes, if at all.
 b) Good EU opening (most likely 1300-1400Z) possible - you never knowÖ
   i) RUN!
 c) Poor EU opening
   i) Still may get southern EU (S5, I, LZ, etc.) with good signals.
   ii) If you hear big guns working EU and you donít hear anything, try beaming skew path (90-120 degrees)
   iii) Work for mults and find better rate on another band (15 or 20)
 d) Africa/VE/SA
   i) Likely to be open
   ii) Best times 1800-1900Z
   iii) Work for new mults and find rate on another band
 e) Pacific/JA
   i) Work for new mults and find rate on another band
   ii) Try ~2200Z

4) In-between sunspot years
 a) May be great. If so, see #2
 b) May stink. If so, see #3
 c) If open Saturday, take advantage of opening and run. Band may be dead Sunday!
 d) If dead Saturday, go elsewhere and hope for Sunday opening

de W2UP, Barry